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Home Interiors

Your home should always look and feel like what you dreamt of. A world-class design is what your house deserves and exactly what we will provide.

Bedroom Interiors

Your bedroom should be like a piece of fine art you are proud to exhibit. Let’s get you one with state-of-the-art designs so that your bedroom will reflect your personality.

Modular Kitchen

A kitchen where everything is ideally accessible to you makes cooking a pleasurable experience. We design kitchens where you can bring out the best in you.

Home Renovation

Own a house that does not satisfy you anymore? Give it a much-needed makeover to find yourself living in a space that gives off good vibes. Our turnkey services will cover everything for you so that you just need to sit back and relax.

Our Services

Bathroom Renovation

They say the best ideas occur in the shower. This makes us want to improvise your bathroom enough to inspire you for your very own "Eureka" moments.

Commercial Interiors

A great interior complements your business like a cherry on top. If you own a commercial space, we can help you turn it into a place suited for any kind of business.

What we do.

Renovart was founded with a strong desire to bring beauty into your daily lives, something that you will never stop being in awe of. We aspire to create spaces that will make you want to wake up each morning and be satisfied even if you sit at home all day. We would like to believe that this is why the number of clients we work with are steadily increasing.

Our work is not just limited to turnkey services for brand new spaces. We also help you renovate a space to reach its maximum potential. We really believe that there is always a scope for improvement, and would love to magically transform your house into its best form.

We recently launched a new venture in Bangalore called Houzy which will help tenants get 100% of their deposit back from the house owners. Its services include cleaning, repainting, and repairing the house you are vacating. These are services for which you are otherwise charged a major chunk of your deposit as per the agreement.


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